The Project

Between January 2019 and March 2020, the actions of the Delegation of INEUSTAR in Tenerife have been carried out under the project "Promotion and development of the sector of astrophysics and space on the island of Tenerife", a grant positively resolved by the Island Councillor of the Tenerife Area 2030: Innovation, Education, Culture and Sports on December 21, 2018 in favor of the Spanish Association of the Science Industry (INEUSTAR). These actions have therefore been financed by the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife under the TF INNOVA 2016-2021 programme, the Strategic Framework for Island Development (MEDI) and FDCAN funds.

The activities carried out have been the promotion and development of the astrophysics and space sector on the island of Tenerife, in order to accelerate the implementation in the Canary Islands of existing technology companies and the generation of new companies around the activity of IAC, the Observatories and the main projects of the consolidation phase of IACtec (Micro and Nanosatélites , Medical Technology and Large Telescopic Facilities.

The objectives of this project have incorporated a broad vision in medium and long-term activities that could be described as "consistently providing, in time and in the development of the action, an industrial component of greater specific weight to the sectors involved, thus contributing to enhance the economic impact that the scientific and technological research actions that are developed in Tenerife currently have".

In addition, this project responds to a medium and long-term vision of generating high value-added jobs, creating new companies with cross-cutting technologies and generating associated taxation, based on 2 basic orientations:

    a. To enhance and optimize the positive differentials of the Canary Islands (geographical position and atmospheric conditions for observation; regulation on light pollution; existence of the IAC and observatories –OT, ORM...–; international recognition of the Canary Islands as a quality tourist destination; etc.).

    b. Focus on high value-added activities based on objective criteria and with future expectations: facilities for astrophysics; design, manufacture and monitoring of micro and nano satellites and medical research activities.


Thanks to this project:

Meeting activities have been carried out for the agents of the international R&D ecosystem in Astrophysics and Space, with special emphasis on Tenerife as a center of activities and implementation.

Training sessions have been held for start-ups already operational in Tenerife on opportunities in new technologies already identified.

Business meetings have been organized to promote the outstanding advantages of Tenerife.

Supporting information has been disseminated for the management of European or national sector-related programmes for prospective enterprises.

Support has been offered to applications for new facilities or large programs affecting the Canary Islands and, in particular, Tenerife.

The various scientific activities that have been carried out in Tenerife during the duration of the project have been promoted.

The implementation in Tenerife of companies, delegations, start-ups or other entities directly or indirectly related to the themes covered by this project has been encouraged.

Tenerife, its facilities and its capabilities have been promoted in international exhibitions related to the aforementioned sectors.

The ongoing relationship between Tenerife and South Korea, a major international reference in the field of science and technology, has been promoted.



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