Spain and Croatia sign an agreement for locating the IFMIF-Dones at Granada

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The Spanish Minister for Science, Innovation and Univiersities, Pedro Duque and the Croatian Minister for Science and Education, Blaženka Divjak have signed a collabotation agreement to strengthen the candidacy of Granada to host the IFMIF-Dones project (International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility - Demo Oriented NEutron Source).

IFMIF-Dones is the greatest infrastructure that complements the project of the ITER project that is being built in France to achieve a new energy source based on nuclear fusion. In this project, the participating countries are European Union, USA, Japan, Rusia, China, South Korea and India.

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Spain joins SKA

Spain has joined the SKA (Square Kilometer Array) country members list. The SKA Observatory is a strategic investment for the country, as well as one of the top-of-the-class research infrastructures in Europe in the upcoming years. Participating in the SKA Organization, Spain will be able to participate in the building and construction of the antenna array, asl well as this will give acces to our country's researchers to the infrastructures and will position our companies from Science Industry sector in a positive position to tenders of building and construction as well as technology development. The participation of Spain in the SKA is led by the IAA (Andalusian Astrophysics Institute) and the CSIC (Spanish Council for Scientific Research).

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INEUSTAR annual assembly

On July the 2nd, the INEUSTAR Annual Assembly will take place at the main building of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), in San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Tenerife).

All INEUSTAR associated companies are invited to it, and the assembly will be preceeded by an Association's Goberning Board meeting.

The Assembly of the Spanish Science Industry Association will debate and eventually approve the Activities Report and the Budgetary Execution of 2017, as well as the Work Plan and the budgets for 2018.

Likewise, the renewal of some members of the Goberning Board will take place.

After the Assembly, the activities from the programmed Conferences that INEUSTAR has organized will begin at the islands of Tenerife and La Palma.

INEUSTAR will promote the settling in Tenerife of companies related to astrophysics, medicine and micro & nano satellites

tenerife firma20042018On April 20th, INEUSTAR and the Cabildo de Tenerife -through INtech Tenerife- agreed to accelerate the settling in Tenerife of already existing high-tech companies as well as the generation of new companies related to the IAC (Canarian Astrophysics Institute) activities, to the Observatories and to the main projects of IACTech (micro and nano-satellites, medical technologies and big telescopic installations.

The General Director of INEUSTAR, Mr. Fco. Javier Cáceres; the President of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Mr. Carlos Alonso; and the Consejero of the Tenerife 2030 area, Mr. Antonio García Marichal; attended the event of the signature.

INEUSTAR commited, among others, to the organization of meeting activities for the agents in the international R&D ecosystem in astrophysics and space, with a special emphasys in Tenerife as a focus of implementation and activities. Some training will also be given to start-ups already in operation at Tenerife, regarding the opportunities in new technologies already identified and available for transfer. INEUSTAR will also promote Tenerife, its facilities and capabilities, in -at least- one big international exhibition related to the already mentioned sectors. Likewise, it will promote within its media the different scientific activities taking place at Tenerife, and will support the candidacies for new facilites or big research programs affecting the Canary Islands, and in particular, Tenerife; as well as support information for the management of European and national projects related to the sectors.

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