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red-es-portal-launches-the-acelera-pyme-website From red.es, the Acelera pyme portal https://acelerapyme.gob.es has been launched, where the latest information is available on the resources that are...Read more
urban-planning-license-granted-for-the-construction-of-the-access-road-to-the-tmt The urban planning license granted for the construction of the road to the TMT has a start period of 2 years and a duration of 4 years. The necessary...Read more
arquimea-group-settles-in-tenerife Arquimea Group installs its corporate research and development center in the new Nanotec building of the INtech Tenerife Science and Technology Park....Read more
the-parliament-of-the-canary-islands-reiterates-its-support-for-the-installation-of-tmt-on-the-island-of-la-palmaIt is expected that on March 16 the Canarian parliament will reiterate its support for the installation of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) in the Roque...Read more
eon-reality-arrives-to-canary-islandsEON Reality will open, together with CIFP César Manrique, the first Virtual Reality (VR) l and Augmented (AR) Centre of Spain in Tenerife. All this...Read more
delegation-of-japan-visits-the-iac  The ambassador of Japan in Spain, the secretary of the Embassy, the consul of Japan in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the president of the Spain...Read more