The Spanish Science Industry Association, INEUSTAR, provides the associated companies with an increasing number of flexible services that complements their own management capacities and contribute to their competitive improvement.

INEUSTAR, as infrastructure of the sector, promotes and develops collaboration efforts among the agents of it, and provides knowledge, dialogue, mid- and long-term planning, etc. resources that end up being highly beneficial for the associated companies. Likewise, and as the representative of the Spanish Science Industry sector, INEUSTAR develops activities for projecting and strengthening the sector. Such actions also benefit –indirectly– the individual companies, as well as the rest of the agents from Science and Technology with whom INEUSTAR collaborates.

Networking, with the contribution of each organization’s capacities, is the key of the high value of the submitted services. It is also the collaboration space where new actions, that the association motivates, are generated.


Services Areas

Market relevant information

The Science Industry is an industrial sector that offers opportunities anywhere in the world. In each developed country there are Big Scientific Facilities, and there are also many emerging countries that choose to build new scientific facilities to invigorate their development. Such facilities, their continuous adaptations and enlargements, and the big research programs, become the main nucleus of Science Industry’s market.

In order to achieve an adequate intervention in this sector, it is mandatory to possess relevant information about each opportunity. INEUSTAR creates and maintains, to its associate companies, informative tools and alert systems about the most prominent initiatives and projects.

R+D Support

Science Industry is an industrial sector highly intensive in R+D, because each project tends to have a very high novelty and risk component. Likewise, the volume of some of the most important projects, their international character and the specialization degree required, imply previous research phases, prototypes and testing. This is why R+D is one of the most important activities for the industries in our sector, where collaboration with other agents (universities, technological centers, institutes, etc.) is of the highest value.
INEUSTAR provides its associated companies with early and oriented information about the public support programs for R+D activities that can be applied in the sector, and communicates the corresponding Public Administration the needs of the sector in order to ease the optimization of the support programs aforementioned.

Search for collaboration

The great challenges that Science Industry faces have, since their conceiving, a collaborative character from the point of view of the financing as well as of the execution. They are projects that, due to their magnitude and complexity, often require that people from different administrations, universities, companies, etc. work together. INEUSTAR, as the request of its associated companies, facilitates the search of such collaboration needs in order to find the complementary organizations with which they can get to achieve their proposals.

International Promotion

Science Industry is a globalized sector where clients are scattered along the world. In the same way, and each day more often, rivalry comes from the five continents. It is necessary to carry out international promotion campaigns, showing our industry’s capacities. In order to do so, joint missions are organized to the hugest Science Industry international events, scientific publications are prepared about the technological capabilities of Spanish Science Industry in both printed and digital formats, inverse missions are organized, joint participations in congresses and exhibitions are carried out, etc.

Competitive surveillance

Having available information regarding the evolution of the projects, the strategy changes, the budgetary availability, the technological ruptures, etc. is of utmost interest as a support tool in the decision making processes. INEUSTAR makes its best to complete its own competitive surveillance systems for its associated companies, periodically facilitating information of such nature.

Specific programs and projects

INEUSTAR acts as neutral support element in each aspect of preparation and management of the proposals that can help to improve the possibilities index of its associated companies or the consortiums that they lead. Likewise, INEUSTAR promotes the participation in such specific programs and projects through its support activities, in the search of collaborators and related information.

Internal communications and forums

INEUSTAR’s associated companies have specific forums for exchange and teamwork, both vertically (segment or Project) and horizontally (technology or corporate functions).
The noticeboard is also an efficient tool to pinpoint talent, partners, subcontracting, etc.

Projection of the capacities

Through sectorial structuring regarding technological capacities, experience, knowledge, equipment, etc. related to different foundations, INEUSTAR fosters the image and capacities projection of its associated companies in different sectors of the Science Industry market in general.