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The INEUSTAR-Pioneers network was born from the Agreement signed between INEUSTAR and CERN, and constitutes a new tool to facilitate the transfer -to industry- of the advanced technology developed in the high energy physics domain. This way, the technological progress developed in CERN can have a quicker impact in industry, economy and society.

The network will be made by already existing start-up incubators, placed in the different Spanish autonomous communities and fulfilling the basic conditions necessary for a good implementation of the transfer methodology. Those incubators have already their own general support program for new initiatives.

Facilitate the access to CERN technologies for the development of innovative ideas to new companies, entrepreneurs and already existing companies with diversifying activities through the creation of new start-ups. In order to achieve this, the available general support programs in the incubators are used and, additionally, those that the INEUSTAR-PIONEERS program supplies.


INEUSTAR-Pioneers Network candidate incubators

INEUSTAR-Pioneers will identify, select and support the already existing incubator centres that fulfil the basic conditions to be part of the network. It will be in those chosen incubators where the innovative ideas based on CERN technologies will be developed with a direct support from CERN and INEUSTAR.



Apart from the infrastructure and learning support that the incubators usually offer to the new chosen initiatives, they will also count with CERN and INEUSTAR-Pioneers labels of excellence, as well as diverse technological and business support such as 2-days technical visits to CERN and the access to the scientific, technical and corporate knowledge from CERN and INEUSTAR. The economic support will be up to 40k€ per company, facilitated by the local support programs in a monetary way, or through specific services.


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Incubators Network (IPLOS)

  • Promálaga (Málaga)
  • BIC Araba (Basque Country) - web



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INEUSTAR-Pioneers Program

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