Workshop Spanish-Japanese December 10th, 2018


Thanks to the collaboration with ICEX and the japanese Advanced Accelerators Association, INEUSTAR has co-organized with the aforementioned, the Spanish-Japanese Workshop on opportunities on accelerators.

During this event, that will take place at ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones on December 10th, the participants will continue advancing towards finding opportunities and implementing collaborations in the scientific and industrial fields related to Particle Physics.


The workshop agenda can be found here

Economic Mission from South Korea (Daejeon Metropolitan City)

From 27th to 30th November 2018, a mission made up by representatives from Daejeon Metropolitan City will visit Granada, Málaga and Barcelona. This mission is included in the Promotion and External Collaboration Plan of INEUSTAR in such country and is the first part of the mission that will visit Spain in December.


Daejeon (1.5 M hab.) is considered the Science City in South Korea, counting with more thatn 17 Universities and a great part of Institutes and Research Centers are located in its "scientific belt". 

Ineustar, the Spanish Science Industry Association, has been developing, since 4 years ago, collaboration activities in South Korea with a joint presence in events, conferences and exhibitions, organizing workshops and helping with specific collaboration agreements.


The EST is getting closer



The location of the EST will be decided in April between Izaña or El Roque de los Muchachos. The start of construction is planned for 2021 and the first light for 2027.

+ info: aquí


New steps of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA)

iac logoAfter the inauguration of the prototype LST1 in La Palma, the symposium "Frontiers of Astroparticle Physics" was held, where important scientists in the study of high energies participated. Some of them, visible heads in the construction of the new infrastructure, described what will be the future family of the Cherenkov Network and all the possibilities it will offer to the scientific world.

It is expected that the three new large telescopes pending on the island of La Palma Will be already running in October 2022.


+ info: IAC



INEUSTAR at WTA and GIF 2018 (Vietnam)

From October 10th to 13th, INEUSTAR participates at the WTA + GIF 2018 event that takes part at Binh Duong (Vietnam).

In this occasion, INEUSTAR has managed the presentation of Granada at this international environment sponsored by UNESCO through the participation of Mr. Francisco Aranda (General Coordinator Of Granada City Economics, Staff, Procurement and Smart City).

Moreover, INEUSTAR has organized a thematic session in parallel during the Global Innovation Forum, entitled "Creating new industries and economic activities through basic science facilities" and where several experts in the creation of new industries and economic activities based on basic science technologies participate.