Fyde CajaCanarias Entrepreneurs Awards 2019

Fyde CajaCanarias announces its entrepreneurial awards for another year, fostering entrepreneurial talent. The call comprises two modalities, one aimed at business or social projects and another one at innovative educational projects for Vocational Training. The prizes total € 16,000 and the candidacies will be open until March 21, 2019.

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Geo Innovation Program 2030, an opportunity to develop the aerospace sector in the Canary Islands

Babcock Spain and Airbus Defense and Space have recently visited the Canary Islands attracted by the Geo Innovation Program 2030 presented at the event of the European Space Agency HAPS4ESA 2019 in the Netherlands. The objective of this project is to position the Canary Islands as a reference in the technology of HAPS (High Altitude Pseudosatellites).

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Inaugurated IACTec and Nanotec, new innovation and research centers in Tenerife

Yesterday IACTec and Nanotec were inaugurated in La Laguna, centers oriented to the technological transfer between the world of the academy and the company. In this way, the foundations are established that foster a symbiotic relationship that allows scientific and technological development to reach society. IACTec will target microsatellite technologies, medical technology and large telescopes, while Nanotec will focus on nanomaterials, sustainability and volcanology.

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La Palma committed to the TMT


The city council of Puntagorda will close today the last fringes to facilitate the arrival of the TMT to La Palma, if the consortium so decides. With this, the public authorities of La Palma reaffirm their commitment to this great scientific installation as a commitment to the future.

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DEMOLA, ten new challenges for 2019




Smart commerce, sustainability, purchasing experience, recycling, port innovation and virtualization. The selected university students will try to answer these challenges posed by companies and public institutions.

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