Dates of the Horizon Europe programme Info Days

Dates of the Horizon Europe programme Info Days


The European Commission has already set a date for the first edition of Horizon Europe Info days, which will take place from 28th of June to 9th of July of 2021.

The event will last ten days and will address 9 themes, each with exclusive discussions and practical lessons, dedicated to a different group or part of the new program.

As well as, providing the opportunity of receive information and to ask questions to applicants or interested ones.

The CDTI - Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology has organized the following information days in Spain.

Below are the dates of the national and Europeans events, which we will update.






  • 28 June – Infrastructures
  • 29 & 30 June – Digital, industry & space (cluster 4 )
  • 30 June – Civil security for society (cluster 3 )
  • 1 July – Culture, creativity & inclusive society (cluster 2 )
  • 1 July – The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions: what is new under Horizon Europe
  • 2 July – Health (cluster 1 )
  • 5 & 6 July – Climate, energy & mobility (cluster 5 )
  • 7 & 8 July – Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture & environment (cluster 6 )
  • 9 July – European Research Area (ERA) & Widening






ATTRACT conference

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The ATTRACT conference will take place online, from the 22nd to the 23rd of September. It offers the chance to understand the dynamics and contribute to the development of a high-value tech ecosystem in Europe, for imaging and detection technologies.

INEUSTAR is part of this program, and through its General Management, the Association is part of ATTRACT's PAC (Project Advisory Comittee).


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The activities of INDUCIENCIA are supported by the AEI

Transfiere 2021

transfiere2021During 17th and 18th February 2021, Málaga will host the 10th European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, a great professional and multisector forum for technology and knowledge transfer, that is open to the participation of the national and international R+D+i ecosystems. In this Forum, the participants can establish B2B contacts, transfer scientific knowledge and technology research lines, find possible partners for initiatives or projects, show their products and innovative services, know the technology needs of the Public Administration, and get financed for innovative projects as well.

As in the past years, the Spanish Science Industry actively participates in this event through INEUSTAR and INDUCIENCIA, being both organizations member of Transfiere Organizing Committee.

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Particle physicists update strategy




After almost two years of work, the CERN Council announced today that it has updated the strategy that will guide the future of particle physics in Europe within the global landscape of particle physics.

As highlights, they have established as priority initiatives, an electron-positron collider to produce Higgs bosons on the one hand; and on the other, a proton-proton collider with as much energy as possible. These priorities perfectly fit Japan's International Linear Collider (ILC) as a Higgs factory and CERN's Future Circular Collider (FCC), with the ability to collide protons at 100 TeV of energy.

To this end, they emphasize, related to technological development, that the particle physics community should intensify its R&D effort focused on advanced accelerator technologies, in particular that of high-field superconducting magnets, including high-temperature superconductors.

Check the document here.



Announcement of the joint EUREKA Spain-South Korea call


The CDTI, together with Korea Institute for the Advancement of Technology (KIAT), launched a joint call to the EUREKA Spain-South Korea program, for the presentation of proposals for technological cooperation between Spanish and Korean companies.

This bilateral program seeks to boost business technology cooperation between entities of both countries. Each country assumes the financing of its participating entities. Consortia must be formed by at least one company from each country, and universities and R&D centers can participate through outsourcing.

The deadline for submitting applications will be open until March 31, 2020.

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