The buildings that accommodate the Big Scientific Facilities (BSF) have a singular nature, and because of that they require special structural knowledge as well. They are facilities where many hundreds of people research and work, with the implications of resource management that it brings along.

As an example, the great optical telescopes require domes that can be opened or moved with a great precision, without vibrations and independently of thermic oscillations, wind presence, etc. Their best operative geographic locations are in remote places with a difficult access that require special engineering constructions. Another example are the big accelerators that are built underground because of stability reasons and to diminish the influence of cosmic radiation. In general, every Big Science Facility needs a big singular construction, added to the outfitting of special communication infrastructures, management, security, etc. Those investments in engineering and infrastructure usually mean an important part of the total budget as well as of the annual budget for operative maintenance. This is the reason why Engineering and Infrastructures for BSFs are considered as a singular segment in Science Industry.

Spain counts with a good number of big engineering companies with capabilities and experience in turnkey design for Big Scientific Facilities, as well as an important number of companies with a smaller size but highly specialized in hardware and software development necessary for an optimum management of those Big Facilities aforementioned.